Event 13 February 2020

Conference Cycle New Businesses: Towards an Inclusive and Responsible Artificial Intelligence?

The 3rd conference in the cycle "New Businesses: Towards an Inclusive and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI)", entitled "AI and human capital: what are the challenges for companies and workers?", will take place on Thursday 13 February 2020. It will start at 6pm at Amphi Dupeyroux. Registration is required.


Artificial intelligence under the microscope

The Centre de Droit des Affaires, in partnership with the Institut des Études Juridiques de l'Urbanisme et de la Construction and Toulouse School of Management, are organising a series of conferences entitled "New Businesses: Towards an Inclusive and Responsible AI?". While artificial intelligence is often considered in terms of its applications (in robotics, connected objects or learning programmes), these conferences aim at considering it from the point of view of the objectives that are increasingly expected of it, in terms of ethics, inclusion and responsibility. More specifically, they address the question of how companies can contribute to the achievement of these objectives, but also the levers that can be used to achieve them.

To this end, this conference cycle adopts both a transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective in order to benefit from the knowledge of specialists from other Social Sciences than Law. The challenge is also to respond to the imperatives of training through research. This cycle is composed of 5 conferences that will take place between January and March 2020.


AI and human capital: what is at stake for companies and workers?

The conference on Thursday 13 February 2020 will address the following questions:

  • AI at the Work Place: Diminished Workers in Augmented Organizations? Yann Ferguson, Sociologist at ICAM Toulouse, associate researcher at CERTOP.
  • Protection for Workers' Rights and Liberties in the Age of Massive Data and Connected Objects. Olivier Michaud, Associate Lawyer, JURICIAL.
  • Towards an "Augmented HRM"? Testimonials. Agnès Alger-Eguienta, Deputy Director of Human Resources, ALTRAN. Sandrine Balducci, Human Resources Manager, MAZARS.

Information and registration:

Please note this is a French-speaking event.