Event 12 October 2019

CRA 2019


  • Event

Organized by TSM Consulting, this event aims to continue the movement and consolidate links between Junior-companies in the region by offering training, accompanied by fun activities, a cocktail and other friendly moments.

  • The program

Saturday will be dedicated to conferences related to the world of work, entrepreneurial management, or personal development. Junior-Entrepreneurs will then meet around a cocktail party in a Toulouse bar. As for Sunday, a "City Game" will be offered to participants to discover or rediscover the surroundings of our pretty Pink City.

  • CNJE

This event is supervised by the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises, which aims to help each Junior Entrepreneur develop his skills and qualifications in order to better develop their structure.

  • Junior-Entreprises

A Junior-Business is a student association that operates as a business consulting firm. It enables the institution's students to consolidate and put into practice their theoretical knowledge by performing short-term paid assignments.

  • Word of Inès DEVOS, incoming President

TSM Consulting is honored to host the next Regional Southwest Junior Business Congress. Every day, the team invests to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. These promising and encouraging results contribute to the radiation of its structure. Through this special time of exchange and sharing, TSM Consulting is committed to fostering the cohesion of the participants, members of the CNJE and all the movement's partners.

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The press release by La Dépêche du Midi


Barbara CRÉPIN, Event Manager at TSM Consulting

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