Application 17 March 2022

Bachelor of TSM: opening of Parcoursup and eCandidatures

The Parcoursup platform has been open since January 20 and will remain open until March, 29 2022, allowing French high school and university students to apply for first-year degree courses for the start of the 2022 academic year. Apply now for a TSM course!


Which course should I choose?

Candidates can, within the establishment "Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (31) Public ", find TSM courses in :

Update on 31/01/22: the Bachelor of Science in Global Management is now available on the Parcoursup platform.


Where to apply for TSM courses?

Access to the training courses offered by TSM is facilitated by dedicated platforms. You can now apply according to your profile.


Are you a French student?

Access to Parcoursup


Are you an international student?

Access eCandidatures


eCandidatures: how does it work?

TSM provides video tutorials to help you apply on the eCandidatures platform. Want to know more? Visit our YouTube channel:

Watch the eCandidatures tutorials