Research 1 December 2017

Aline DEGORRE's PhD defense

Aline DEGORRE will defend her thesis on "Brand placement in a musical consumption experience : stakes and measurement.

Director : Jean-Marc DECAUDIN

Jury members :

  • Jean-François LEMOINE
  • Marianela FORNERINO
  • Jean-Louis MOULIN

Abstract :

Facing increasingly violent anti-advertising movements and a diversion of individuals from a strong advertising pressure, marketing has to rethink traditional communication strategies. From this perspective, brand placement appears to be an effective way to promote a brand, a product or a service to individuals. We study the impact of brand placement on the behavior of the consumer in a musical consumer experience. In this context, we present the development of the real-time measurement tool, the Continous Responses Digital Interface. Through an experiment with 240 individuals, we test and validate the research model and the CRDI tool, on two different audiovisual supports. The statistical processing carried out using SmartPLS software highlights short-term memorial effects of brand placement in the audiovisual medium. In addition, our research model highlights the role of flow as a mediator of the relationship between immersion and satisfaction.

Keywords: Brand placement, immersion, consumer experience, flow