Event 13 February 2020

Report on TSM Consulting Afterwork: Ethics and CSR in the Working World, an Accessible Commitment?

On February 13, 2020, for its 3rd afterwork, TSM Consulting, the junior company of TSM, led a conference on Ethics and CSR in the premises of Nova Mêlée.

TSM Consulting has been organising professional meetings for two years now, gathering students, professionals and business leaders during an evening. This year, the afterwork dealt with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ethics in companies.

In front of 120 people who attended the afterwork at Nova Mêlée, Assâad El Akremi, professor at TSM, introduced the event. By insisting on the importance of the actions of citizens and companies to preserve the planet, he presented edifying figures on the consumption of plastic and its impact on the world population as well as the need for companies to integrate a CSR policy.

The speakers, Quentin Richard ( Green Tech entrepreneur), Candice Lourdin and Pauline de Saint-Front (Cabinet de Saint-Front, audit & consulting), Aurélien Vialette (La Maison de l'Initiative and Repliq) and Thierry Pajaud (managing director of Envoi), then shared their point of view, their knowledge and their daily experiences in terms of CSR and business ethics.

To learn more about the content of the different interventions, you can download the report written by the TSM Consulting team.


Download the report (in French)


TSM Consulting will be back in 2021 for the 4th edition of its afterwork Because We Are Tomorrow.