Event 13 February 2020

TSM Consulting's Afterwork: Ethics and CSR in the Working World, an Accessible Commitment?

For its 3rd afterwork, TSM Consulting, the junior company of TSM, invites you to a debate on Ethics and CSR on February 13, 2020, at 6:30 pm in the premises of Nova Mêlée.

An Afterwork dedicated to CSR

TSM Consulting has been organising professional meetings for two years now, gathering students, professionals and business leaders during an evening. This year, the afterwork deals with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ethics in companies. The speakers, Quentin Richard (Green Tech verte entrepreneur), Candice Lourdin and Pauline de Saint-Front (Cabinet de Saint-Front, CSR audit & consulting), Aurélien Vialette (La Maison de l'Initiative and Repliq) and Thierry Pajaud (managing director of Envoi), will also address the issue of innovation in relation to climate change or issues related to CSR auditing.

CSR: at the Heart of Corporate Sustainable Development Strategies

The theme of this afterwork is in line with the spirit of the times. Today, ethical issues and the social and environmental impact of companies are becoming an integral part of the production, communication and consumption strategies of employees, consumers and civic-minded entrepreneurs. They imply the responsibility for action of each and every one of us. However, while the new generation of entrepreneurs is more attentive to social and environmental challenges, many companies are only at the stage of raising awareness of CSR. Are these commitments actually accessible and, above all, applicable on a daily basis? This will be the main issue of the debate organized by TSM Consulting.

TSM dean, Hervé Penan, compliments the team of TSM Consulting for the choice of this theme for this new afterwork. "CSR and Ethics are more than ever part of TSM's teachings. It is both a will to develop the critical spirit of our students and their predisposition to ethics. Whether they become managers or corporate executives, they will be confronted tomorrow with new organisational challenges in which sustainable development issues will be central."

For her part, the president of TSM Consulting, Inès Devos, would like to point out that the objective of the afterwork is to fully integrate the identity of the association with the companies in Toulouse while addressing the challenges of the professional world. "We are not only students but tomorrow's managers."

Registration (the event will be in French)