Admissions 1 March 2022

Admissions Round 1 Master 1 Finance et Master of Science

You have been selected for Round 1 in Master 1 Finance or in one of the Master of Science courses for the academic year 2022-2023 and you have confirmed your intention to accept your admission to TSM via eCandidatures.


Registration will take place during the months of July and September 2022.

Additional information regarding your administrative registration (registration file, documents to be provided, etc.) will be sent to you in a subsequent email, which will be sent on March 7th. In that message, you will receive the required access codes to log into our Extranet site and proceed with the administrative registration. 

To finalize your registration you will be sent a date and time for you to meet with the administrative officer. The date and time will be sent by the administrative officer of the programme.
Your definitive admission is contingent upon the admissibility of your administrative file (obtaining the diploma for access to the course in question, supporting documents, etc.)