Programme 11 May 2022

A Master 2 in Human Resources for professionals

TSM offers a Master 2 in Human Resources Management for professionals who wish to strengthen their knowledge in human resources. Continuing education, work-study and management immersion: discover why this Master's degree is the right one for you.


Evolve in your HR functions

The Master 2 HRM is a programme aimed at professionals with at least five years' professional experience. "You must have experience in human resources management, or at least a desire to develop in this field", explains Caroline Manville, head of teaching. 

"Sometimes there are also managers who want to train and complete their career path and people who are changing careers," she adds. 

The learners come from different backgrounds and the exchanges within the class are all the richer for it. "It's a pleasure to teach with professionals. They are extremely involved. In addition, classes of around twenty people facilitate dialogue and communication between participants," adds Caroline Manville.


Professional and financed HR training

Acquiring a global and transversal vision of the HR function is essential in order to develop skills in the field of human resources. This is why this Master 2 offers courses on a variety of subjects such as job and skills management, remuneration policy, crisis communication, corporate leadership and labour law.

It is a Master 2 that takes place partly in a company in order to keep a foot in the working world. Thus, the professionals admitted to this course can "put into practice what they learn on a daily basis in the context of their job" explains Caroline Manville. 

The Master's degree is, moreover, financed by the company via a work-study contract or the skills plan, with the CPF or when you are in professional transition. It can also be financed by the region under the FORPRO scheme or with Pôle Emploi, depending on the profile, in order to facilitate access to professional training.


Professional integration and reality in the field

This generalist training is a real reinforcement of skills for professionals. 

In addition, Caroline Manville, who is in charge of the Master's programme, states that the "professional integration and progression rate is over 95%" for this Master's programme. This is a decisive criterion for future professionals in human resources management.

Moreover, the lecturers are "not only professors-researchers who provide trainees with high value-added content in line with current issues, but also professionals who supplement this theoretical teaching with practical insights rooted in the reality of the field".

Would you like to become a specialist in human resources management?

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