Master 2 Human Resource Management (Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education


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Applications open from February 3 to May 31, 2020.

Publication of admission reuslts: June 22, 2020.



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The second year of the Human Resource Management programme aims at assisting business and HR professionals in developing a global vision of HR and in mastering all areas of the field so that they are transversal employees capable of working in a number of positions.


Through a multidisciplinary approach, this programme allows students to develop, reinforce, and/or refresh their HR-related knowledge (strategic, legal, administrative, social, etc.).


Every year the programme is sponsored by a local company (Spie Sud Ouest, Tisséo, aéroport de Blagnac) that gives the programme different HR problems for student teams to solve during a year-long “HR Challenge”. At the end of the year, all teams present their solutions in front of a jury of professors and business executives. Following their judgement, the best project wins the HR Challenge. 

The teaching staff is made up of university professors and business executives. The courses are all taught in french.

Length : 318h


UE1 - Employee and Team Management
UE2 - Social Law and Professional Relations 
UE3 - Payroll Management and Social Auditing 
UE4 - E-HR and Internal Communication  
UE5 - HR Politics and Organisational Transitions 
UE6 - Remuneration and Management 
UE7 - Workplace Conditions and Health 
UE8 -Professional assignment/Entrepreneurial project

This programme is available through work-study and executive education.


This programme is open to:

  • Candidates who have completed the Master’s degree first year
  • or have substantial professional experience that adheres to the VPE requirements. 

A minimum of 5 years of professional experience is required (excluding internships and work-study)


Recruiting process:

  • Examination of candidate’s application
  • Possible interview

Mélanie JÉGOUIC - Promo 2016/2018

This programme prepares students for the following professions:

  • HR director; 
  • operational unit manager; 
  • HR collaborator;
  • HR business partner; 
  • training manager; 
  • payroll manager; 
  • recruitment, career, and personnel administrator; 
  • ​HR planning manager; 
  • HRIS manager. 

Graduates may also undertake a PhD in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.

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