Master 1 Retail Management

Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education French taught programme


Head of Programme

Valérie JULIEN
Administrative Officer

Angélique BARRA
Responsable administratif

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The Marketing Masters in Retail Management aims to train marketing experts in physical and digital distribution. The
content matches the expectations of stakeholders in distribution and is adapted to ongoing changes in the sector.


By completing the gradually-acquired on-site training within a company as dutifully as possible, technical and professional learning should reinforce essential knowledge and the acquisition of “trade” know-how. The course also covers quality management, showcasing offers, the ability to analyse figures and decision-making.

Various other skills can also be acquired during this course:

  • Ability to manage teams
  • Analysing and harnessing data
  • Implementing a marketing strategy
  • Managing, evaluating and knowing how to contract budgetary and financial matters
  • Knowing how to manage projects
  • Managing quality standards
  • Knowing how to manage the commercialisation of the mass market product


The Marketing Masters in Retail Management is offered in partnership between TSM and B2M (Business Management
Montauban) from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Tarn and Garonne.

The teaching staff includes research-teachers and professionals.


Duration: 336 hours (lectures and tutorials)
Course schedule: One week of classes and three weeks on-site at a company from October to June.

Classes are made up of eight modules:

MODULE 01: Team management
MODULE 02: Data analysis
MODULE 03: Implementing a marketing strategy
MODULE 04: Managing and contracting budgetary and financial matters
MODULE 05: Project management
MODULE 06: Quality management
MODULE 07: Managing the commercialisation of the mass market product
MODULE 08: Professional assignment

Profiles: Must have an undergraduate diploma (180 ECTS) or sufficient professional experience.

Entry process: Application examination and potential interview.

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Master 1 students can continue their studies in Master 2 Retail Management.

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