Professional Bachelor Human Resource Management in small and medium size enterprise (Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education


Eric Caset Carricaburu
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Human Resource management is a key factor in the functioning of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that requires true professionalism. As companies develop, it is constantly necessary to adjust the competences and skills of employees. The social legislation surrounding such adjustments has undergone an intense quantitative and qualitative evolution and requires now more than ever a true technical as well as a pedagogical and communicative approach in order to adapt to current and future evolutions. 
The SME Human Resources Management aims at educating future human resources managers who will be able to assist directors with the following tasks:

  • Apply social legislation and integrate new regulations as they arise 
  • Manage the daily administrative needs of employees
  • Mastering the technical aspects of the payroll
  • Ensure proper hiring and training procedures 
  • Provide an interface between the social and fiscal institutions
  • Control various costs (payroll, employee leave, etc.)
  • Evaluate and manage employee skills
  • Assist in the implication of HR tools
  • Aide the direction in relations with the employee representative bodies
  • Develop communication tools

In addition, this programme aims at assisting students in combining these skills to more efficiently respond to problems and needs in the workplace. The coursework is organized into lectures, case studies, simulations, a thesis, an internship report, and an oral defence before a jury of professionals and professors. 

The programme takes place during regular academic year at the University Centre and the Consular Training Centre in Montauban and includes a 16 week internship for full-time students. The courses are all taught in french.
The coursework is broken down into 8 classes:
UE 01 - Management and Communications
UE 02 - English
UE 03 - HRM Practices   
UE 04 - Social Laws and Regulations 
UE 05 - Payroll and payment
UE 06 - Professional mission

This course load will allow students to:

  • Define and finalise their professional projects
  • Become autonomous through real experience in the field 
  • Perfect communication skills, especially concerning the first course module (UE01)
  • Develop their creativity 

The programme’s main objective is for students to be able to internalise course lessons and autonomously integrate these learned skills in the work place. 

This programme is open to the following candidates: 

  • Technicians and junior staff of SMEs or SMIs, after validating their professional experiences and skills, can complete the programme as an executive education programme.
  • Candidates who have had their foreign degrees or their professional and personal experiences and skills validated. 

Access to this programme is selective. The selection process includes an examination of applications, an assessment test, and an interview. 

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Graduates can undertake the following careers:

  • HR assistant
  • HR officer

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