Professional Bachelor Social and financial associate (Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

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The Social and Financial Collaborator professional Bachelor’s programme aims at preparing future professionals in assisting directors with:

  • Analysing legislation, ordinances, and collective agreements, and their impacts on the payroll management 
  • Developing the direction of social, legal, and economic monitoring
  • Maintaining relations between the social and fiscal organisations
  • Establishing a payroll
  • Understanding the fundamental principles of accounting 
  • Preparing financial statements and using them to assist in the financial management of a company 

The programme takes place over one academic year (October to July) at Business Management Montauban (B2M). The programme’s schedule alternates 3 weeks at a company with 1 week of theoretical and practical course work. The courses are all taught in french.

The coursework is organized into 7 classes: 

UE 01 - The Economical and Managerial Framework of HR
UE 02 - Legal Environment 
UE 03 - Accounting Environment
UE 04 - Information Systems and Payroll Management 
UE 05 - English
UE 06 - Professional Mission


The programme is available:

  • As an executive education programme for employed or unemployed persons with a two year degree of higher education (Bachelor’s, BTS, DUT) who have or will be called to exercise an accounting and payroll profession
  •  As a work-study programme for candidates who have a signed professionalization or vocational contract

Candidates who have had their relevant personal and/or professional experiences and skills, or their diplomas of higher education (from France or abroad) validated by the university may also apply to the programme. 
The admission process includes an examination of the candidate’s application, assessment test, and an individual interview  

Clément BORDES

Graduates can work as social and financial associates.

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