Master 2 International Management Control

Full time programme French taught programme


Head of Programme

Emmanuelle STINAT
Administrative Officer

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Applications 2019-2020 for this programme will be open starting from February 1st, 2019.


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The second year of the master's degree in international management control trains managers to roll out management control systems in an international context and to deal with multicultural management situations.


The second year of the master's degree follows up on what students learnt in first year, emphasising skills development and professional ability by applying what students have learnt to practical situations.


On completion of their degree, students will:

  • Be able to work in a multicultural and trans-national environment
  • Oversee management control for different disciplines, entities and partners
  • Use information tools and technology for management and financial control
  • Design and adapt management and financial control procedures
  • Design, use and adapt overall performance analysis procedures including CSR
  • Develop performance control and measurement systems and manage change


The programme includes a wide variety of teaching methods: talks from professionals, academic conferences, case studies, tutorials, serious games, etc.

30% of the courses are taught in English



UE 01 - Management Control Systems
UE 02 - Global performance analysis of multinationals including CSR
UE 03 - Information technologies for Management control
UE 04 - Intra-group relations and international commercial terms
UE 05 - Corporate Finance
UE 06 - Audit, internal control and risk management
UE 07 - Cross-cultural and Change Management



UE0 08 - Professionalization

Internal TSM candidates

→ Successful completion of 240 ECTS

→ An English language test (B2 advised)

→ Examination of candidate’s application and possible interview (choice of track)


External candidates (non TSM)

→ Successful completion of 240 ECTS

→ An English language test (B2 advised)

→ Examination of candidate’s application and possible interview

This programme prepares students for the following professions:

  • international management accountant 
  • reporting officer 
  • business analyst 
  • performance manager
  • consultant,
  • financial auditor
  • administrative and financial manager.


Graduates of this programme are also capable of continuing their education with a doctorate in « Accounting and Management Control ».

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