Executive education

Executive education at TSM

TSM offers an educational experience that ensures great employability for students

Toulouse School of Management, part of the University of Toulouse Capitole, has been in close contact with companies since its creation.

Our multidisciplinary programmes allow us to support a wide range of local companies.

One of our central missions is to educate individuals at all stages of their lives, which means we offer a large variety of levels and programmes that are adjusted to the varying requirements of the job market.

Adapting to the current era of versatility, our academic programmes evolve from year to year in order to stay on the cutting edge of technological, managerial, and societal changes. 

Our classes, taught by professors and experienced business executives, are meant to educate our students at a superior level so that when they graduate from TSM they are able to enter companies at an executive level armed with the latest skills and competencies.

At TSM we are aware that mid-career training is necessary to stay current, which is why we also offer short programmes aimed at companies looking to help their employees improve in specific areas.

We at TSM are dedicated to maintaining a long-term vision and a commitment to quality for our school.

This dedication comes from the fact that our valued students and trusted corporate partners are our best ambassadors to the external world.

By concretely investing in their well-being and professional development, we invest in the future of TSM.


Julien Grobert

Julien Grobert

Associate professor / Head of the Executive Education and Work-Study Programmes