PhD thesis defence - Paola TESTA

Paola TESTA will defend his PhD thesis "Innovation and strategic marketing in the space economy" on February 4, 2022 at 9:30 in person and via videoconference.

Classroom : Salle des Thèses

Attend the PhD defence (presentation in English)


This dissertation analyses collaborative dynamics aiming at developing and introducing innovative solutions in the space downstream sector, contributing to marketing and strategy literature showing that social sciences represent fundamental assets even in technology oriented contexts. To this end, multiple standpoints have been considered, and, consistently, different methodologies have been adopted in the three essays proposed in this dissertation. Essay 1 is a qualitative exploratory study assessing the matching process of academic, industrial and institutional potential partners for collaborative innovation, clarifying the state of the art, identifying criticalities and proposing mitigations. Essay 2 contributes to the theoretical development of the Service-Dominant Logic (SDL) paradigm, proposing a game theory evolutionary model highlighting the benefits of adopting an SDL approach for both users and providers, and the related enhancement of innovation introduction. Essay 3 offers a methodological contribution in terms of measurement of firms service-dominant orientation, on top of empirically assessing the (positive) impact of SDL on the firms' economic performance. The data used in the present dissertation have been entirely collected by the author through different means and sources: one-to-one in-depth interviews for the qualitative study, collection of data from secondary sources, complemented with parts of existing databases, for the quantitative analysis. The data collection made ad-hoc for the identified research objectives make the created databases unique and original.