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Teaching in management & neuropedagogy

The MACCA Management group and related AIMS Thematic Group organize two days of research and practice in relation with neuropedagogy applications in management teaching on 2 and 3 December 2019.

Today, we experience a fast-changing world (globalization, digitization, development of CSR, etc.). New managerial practices come along these mutations. Such new practices change the way organizations function. We, as lecturers and researchers, have to analyze and investigate these new practices and the way they are taught inside our schools.


This colloquium entails three dimensions:

  • First of all, in relation with economic and social changes, we question the way management is learnt and taught today, in order to stimulate reflexivity and creativity inside organizations;
  • Secondly, we analyze the tools (e.g. gamification, art-based methods, etc.), teaching media (numerical, etc.) and new approaches (e.g. neuropedagogy) as means to develop learners’ lifelong reflexivity and creativity;
  • Thirdly, we question the positioning of institutions (schools and more generally organizations) in relation with the issues raised in the two previous points.


The following questions contribute to tackle these three dimensions:

  • Why is it important to teach management differently? For which effect?
  • How can we assess our teaching practices in a self-reflective way?
  • Which managerial practices should we teach? Which responsibility do lecturers and researchers have regarding today’s socioeconomic stakes?
  • Why should we stimulate critical and reflexive thinking and how could we do it?
  • Which knowledge philosophy is likely to underpin creative and critical approaches of management learning?
  • What are these creative and critical approaches? What do they entail?
  • Which effects do such approaches produce?
  • How do these approaches differ from usual approaches? How do they make a difference?
  • What are their goals regarding training, abilities and knowledge development?
  • How do these approaches fit with various curricula and management programs (initial training, MBA, BDA, lifelong learning, professional training, etc.)?
  • How can our structures and institutions (universities, schools) support such approaches? To which end?
  • What is the role of institutions as learning places (universities, companies)?
  • Which places to learn? Which links between these different places?



Key dates

Call for papers deadline: 30th September 2019
Answer to the authors: 30th October 2019
Subscription deadline: 20th November 2019
Deadline to send final communications: 30th November 2019
MACCA Colloquium: 2nd & 3rd December 2019


Papers have to be sent to the following email addresses: