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International students coming to study at TSM without an exchange programme.

Our programmes

TSM offers programmes in the main fields of management at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.

How to apply?

Admission requirements are available on the page of each programme.

Applications online from February 3 to March 27, 2020, on the eCandidature platform. The eCandidature is compulsory for all students wishing to apply for a TSM programme, regardless of their nationality. More information

Tuition fees

Currently, the tuition fees for French and European students amount to 170 per year for the Bachelor's degree and 243 per year for the Master's degree.

Starting from the 2020-2021 academic year, international students born outside the European Union will have to pay different tuition fees from those paid by French or European students.

These differential tuition fees concern international students born outside the European Union who enrol in a French higher education cycle for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree for the first time. These fees will only be paid the first year of the chosen cycle (Bachelor or Master). Fees for subsequent years will be the same as for French and European students.

Please check CampusFrance website to see whether you are subject to theses differentiated tuition fees.

In the framework of the new waiver policy for tuition fees at UT Capitole, international students born outside the European Union can benefit from a partial waiver. This one is limited and granted on the basis of specific criteria.

Consequently, these students will pay the same tuition fees as those paid by French and European students. Please note that the fee waiver only concerns national tuition fees and does not apply to any additional training fees.

At Toulouse School of Management, students who meet the excellence criterion (the Admission Committee will examine the applications on a case-by-case basis) will benefit from partial waiver of tuition fees. It only concerns the national tuition fees and does not apply to any additional training costs.


Financial support

Find out about financial support for international students.


Eiffel Scholarship

Eiffel scholarship applications for 2020/2021 closed on November 20th, 2019.


Practical information

Find all practical information (accommodation, French language courses…) on this page.


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