Applications 2019 - 2020


Welcome to the TSM Application Area

TSM offers undergraduate and master's degrees in the form of full-time programmes and work-study placements in the main management disciplines: accounting and financial control, finance, human resources management, management, marketing and strategy.


Applications for the 2019/2020 academic year are now open.


Whether you are already a student at TSM or considering joining our educational community, you must:

  1. Upload your application via the eCandidatures platform for each of the courses you wish to apply for and submit the documents that need to be included in your application between 1 February and 31 March 2019. You can track the progress of your application during this period
  2. View the verdict of the education committee (results published on 20 June 2019)
  3. Confirm your interest in registering for the course in question (from 20 to 25 June 2019)


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