Les RDV de l'IAE, cycle de Rencontres avec les dirigeants : Elisabeth Ourliac

Le deuxième RDV de l'IAE aura lieu le 18 novembre de 17h30 à 19h. A cette occasion, nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Elisabeth Ourliac, Head of Strategy Integration Vice President Airbus et présidente du Conseil d'Administration de l'IAE.

Elisabeth Ourliac has over twenty years of management experience in the aerospace business in fields of activities such as finance and strategy, in a variety of demanding and high profile roles.
Since 2007 Elisabeth holds the position of Head of Corporate Strategy for Airbus. In this position, she is at the origin of the development of the Airbus methodology and formulation of the Company’s Vision and Strategic Priorities. Beyond her responsibility for delivering the Airbus Strategic Plan, she has a particular responsibility for the Airbus Strategy longer term projection including Business Models, Scenario Planning etc....
In her previous position - Head of Audit and Risk (2000-2007), Elisabeth introduced the Risk Management activity across the various layers of the Airbus organisation combined with a methodology for risk assessment.