Laurent BUSCA

Doctorant contractuel chargé d'enseignement



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I’m a digital native: I started using computers when I was 8 and I have been wandering around every day on virtual environments for almost 10 years now. I somehow managed to go through my marketing curriculum while learning in my free time the cultural codes of the Internet world. Why did I choose marketing? Well, that’s a good question. Maybe because marketing is a total social fact: marketing shapes our lives, our interactions with others. What are the consequences? Marketing can foster consumption but also help social causes. With so many perspectives in a single field, I guess that is what attracted me.

  • Domaines d'enseignement

    Statistiques et comportement des consommateurs

  • Statistiques et stratégie

  • Congrès internationaux

    BERTRANDIAS, L., L.BUSCA, "Toward a cultural (dis)intertwinement theory: Insights from social media" dans 45th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC)., 2016, Oslo, Norvège

    BUSCA, L., L.BERTRANDIAS, "Le consommateur multiface : Pratiques et conséquences du gouvernement des médias sociaux" dans 32ème Congrès de l’Association Française du Marketing (AFM)., 2016, Lyon, France