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PhD Student from the Basque Country (in the South West of France), I decided to continue my studies making a thesis for two main reasons. First, I wanted to explore even more my favourite theme, the marketing. Secondly, I was attracted by the teaching experience, and it was a good opportunity to test it. Working in collaboration with colleagues and being involved in different projects also motivates me. And so, I can confirm now:  I like this job!

More generally, I like challenges that the life offers me: when I have some opportunities, and if I can do it, I take it. Apart from the academic perspective, I am also involved in an association of music and I am town councillor of the city where I grew up. 

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    RUSPIL, T., E.VERNETTE, "Dis moi ce que tu tweetes, je te dirais peut être si tu es un e-leader d'opinion" dans 33ème Congrès International de l'Association Française de Marketing (AFM)., 2017, Tours-Orléans, France