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During my engineering school years, I had the opportunity to work on a project that was funded by the French National Research Agency. In addition to this introduction to academic research, I was a top-ranking student for the course in Management Science. This led to my application to the Master in Marketing Research at Toulouse School of Management. Since then, I have been preparing a paper-based Ph.D. thesis in Marketing – as part of a joint French-German co-supervision – that deals with the tension between privacy and marketing personalization on the Internet and digital media.

  • Congrès internationaux

    CLOAREC, J., L.MEYER-WAARDEN, A.MUNZEL, "Disclosure willingness for personalization in a social commerce context" dans 33ème Congrès International de l'Association Française de Marketing (AFM)., 2017, Tours-Orléans, France

  • Colloques, conférences, workshops

    CLOAREC, J., L.MEYER-WAARDEN, A.MUNZEL, "The influence of happiness with the Internet on intention to disclose information for personalized recommendations" International Colloquium of Relationship Marketing. 2016, Toulouse, France